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      New and Used Cosmetic – Aesthetic Lasers

      Buying cosmetic procedure equipment can be one of the most significant purchases you will make, and www.hayatcicegi.com is here to help you save money on that purchase. We provide refurbished cosmetic lasers at up to 60% or more off the price of a new model. Because every cosmetic laser machine we sell is professionally reconditioned and tested, we can offer a complete 100% satisfaction guarantee. The only difference between buying new laser equipment or used laser equipment is the price you pay.

      If you need more information about any cosmetic laser model listed on our site or want a quote on the lowest prices on used laser equipment, simply fill out the form below.

      Aesthera Cometic Lasers

      Alma Cosmetic Lasers

      Aspen Cosmetic Lasers

      Cutera Cosmetic Lasers

      Ellman Cosmetic Lasers

      Fotana Cosmetic Lasers

      Fraxel Cosmetic Lasers

      Hoya Con-Bio Cosmetic Lasers

      Lumenis Cosmetic Lasers

      Lutronic Cosmetic Lasers

      Luxar Cosmetic Lasers

      Palomar Cosmetic Lasers

      Saratoga Technologies

      Syneron Cosmetic Lasers

      Zimmer Medizin Cosmetic Chillers