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      Aspen Cosmetic Lasers

      Aspen Pinnacle Pro Laser System

      Available as a 30 watt, 45 watt or 60 watt system, the Pinnacle Pro was designed to treat a?variety of health conditions.?No matter?how many patients you treat each?day, the Pinnacle Pro delivers the?consistent?level of power and functionality needed to achieve incredible results quickly and effortlessly. With a fully adjustable touch-screen interface and ergonomic handpiece,?the Pinnacle […]

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      Aspen Pinnacle Series Laser System

      The Aspen Pinnacle Series laser system offers the versatility and power needed to perform both therapeutic and surgical laser procedures. The flexible design simplifies the process of?switching between treatment protocols, even in the busiest cosmetic and clinical settings. Simply turn on the ergonomic probe and change the treatment program using the touchscreen design, and you’ll […]

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      Aspen Summit Series Laser System

      The Aspen Summit Series laser system provides the power needed to perform a variety of therapeutic and surgical laser procedures. With a maximum adjustable power output of up to 18 watts and incredible portability, the Aspen Summit Series laser is the ideal choice for?busy cosmetic practices and medical offices. Featuring a highly portable design, the […]

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